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Presentation Memorandum

December 16, 2010

To: Ms. Kamara
From: Latrese A. Davis
Date: December 8, 2010
Subject: Presentation Memorandum
My presentation on “Supporting Our Troops” was an important one to me. I was once a sailor enlisted in the United States Navy and I wouldn’t take back a minute of my ten years served. One thing that will always hit home for me, was that during that time of my enlistment, there was always an incredible loneliness that always seemed to lurk nearby, threatening to ruin the good times. No matter what I did, as a young woman – away from home for the first time, I never got used to spending the holidays away from my family. The work was tough and sometimes it seemed that I would never get home for a visit; still, I persevered to ensure that my parents would remain proud of their only daughter. One thing that always helped the sour feelings, was that I was never alone. I was one of thousands who would spend those holidays solo and often, at work.
I began to realize that there were many programs that benefited young and single military people like me. It is these important programs that I wished to nod to in my presentation. No matter what our political affiliations were or opinions on the war, we worked and fought for Americans, day and night, in order to preserve the freedom and hope that is the American way of life, the “American Dream.” I hoped to convey my pride and the importance of our troops, by not only speaking about my and my experiences in the United States Navy, but also, to mention every branch of service which holds the same selfless, young and patriotic-minded individuals.
I listed a few resources that would facilitate interested individuals in connecting with government programs that sponsored the support of the nations’ troops. I was a bit nervous but I was made stronger by my convictions and love for this country. I am hopeful that this shined through to make a great presentation.

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