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Position Paper Memorandum

December 15, 2010

TO: Ms. Kamara, English 111
FROM: Latrese A. Davis
DATE: December 15, 2010
SUBJECT: Position Paper
In the upcoming “Position Paper,” I intend to argue that The United States government should introduce policies that allow immigrants to, legally, enter and gain citizenship. Many people come from all over the world to “the land of opportunity” in search of a multitude of things. Some people come seeking to escape oppression and destitution, to pursue religious freedom, gain riches or, simply, to improve their quality of life. According to the Census Bureau, as of 2006, the United States accepts more immigrants as permanent residents than any other country in the world combined. The United States, despite having border control challenges and immigration naysayers would gain great opportunity and diversity if they continue to provide citizenship to qualifying immigrants.
Many individuals that come to the United States share our ideals as a nation and also provide many benefits, such as:
• Joining our ranks of the United State military service;
• Providing skills and talents in many academic and public service areas;
• Becoming taxpaying citizens and entrepreneurs;
• Sharing their cultural traditions and art.
Shifting our efforts from appeasing the naysayers, we should buff up the immigration policy to provide citizenship to qualifying individuals and enforce appropriate consequences to better deal with illegal immigration, effectively maintaining our nation as a progressive and diverse world leader. Immigrants are coming to this nation in droves and we need to stop the infighting and elect policies that will facilitate improving our relationships with immigrants and immigration policies and weeding out those whom have come illegally. As the trend of immigration shows no signs of slowing down, our policies must be streamlined for efficiency.

There are those who would see the immigrants get herded onto busses and boats and sent back to their country of origin; however, that is not the America that our forefathers envisioned. American was always meant to be an exercise in democracy, religious freedom and other civil liberties. It was a melting pot almost from the very start. It is that uniformity and resolve that has made us leaders on many platforms and a template for freedom and democracy throughout the globe.

By focusing our efforts, we can also take a look at other challenges that the nation faces as a result of immigration. By implementing and carrying out public policy to remove illegal immigrants and to promote legal transitions, we will ensure the availability of social services to taxpaying citizens and employment will increase. Many people say that illegal immigrants do the jobs that American don’t want to, but I disagree. I believe illegal immigrants do that jobs that employers hire them for. It is more beneficial for an employer to pay illegal immigrants tax-free and inferior wages, than it is for them to hire American citizens.

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