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Rave for “Cocktail”

September 2, 2010

Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue is a fantastic romantic drama about a man with a dream and a woman looking to make her own place in the world; in spite of her family’s wealth. This movie will take you on a rollercoaster ride of whetted, sexy humor, beautiful environs mixed with family drama and, finally, a genuine love story. It is a must see for romantics, those who appreciate sharp wit and those who are just looking for a good flick. But let’s not kid ourselves. Truthfully, this movie is old. Old, and yet underappreciated. The superb performances by the cast have stayed with me all these years and I can still appreciate it like it was released just yesterday.

The story begins as Brian Flannigan (Tom Cruise) is honorably discharged from the military. He goes home to New York in search of a new career and a new life. What he finds is a wake-up call. The jobs are slim if you don’t have a college degree and he can’t hack it as a student. What transpires is a flurry of awesome, of which I won’t give away, lest I comment too much. Go out and rent it now!

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