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August 31, 2010

I enjoy watching movies. From the smell of the nachos to the crunch of stale popcorn under my feet, the movie theater is an intoxicating experience. My favorite movie genres are epic fantasy and period dramas. Occasionally, I enjoy comedy and romance. I have just completed the mini series Pillars of the Earth, which had a little bit of every genre. It was a fantastic salute to the period genre. The miniseries was based on a novel by Ken Follett and adapted for television. The last fantasy movie that I watched was Pan’s Labyrinth. I can’t say enough about the mood, acting and visual delights. It’s one of the more polished modern features of the genres and represents it well.

  1. Helen permalink

    Aaaah! I just watch Pillars of the Earth this past weekend! Loved it, but u should read the book, or, read its sequel. I have it – World Without End!!

    Awesome blog – u put my feeble book blog attempt to shame!! Miss u already lady!

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