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Hi, My name is Latrese and this is my writing blog. The goal for my blog is to present some great and not so great writing as instructed by my English 111 teacher. I enjoy writing immensely and find that it comes to me easily, especially when not working in the tightest of parameters, as displayed here. The most exciting part isn’t so much the story or the characters or any such thing. I mostly enjoy weaving prose using, not only what I’ve learned as a life student of the art of writing, but adding a touch of my own personality and passions. I invite those who write, want to write or those, like me, who have a natural eye for editing. Edit away in the comment sections!

My blog contains many different types of texts. I have written everything from a positional paper to a memoir and many in between. Much of my research and sourcing was “googled,” however, there are a couple of pieces that I went to a “brick ‘n mortar” library to study… with real books! Remember those? I have sectioned the blog into easy navigable topics so that you can go straight to the posts that pique your interests.

While much of the work seems like a convoluted mess, there is actually a theme. In the madness you can find similar topics, or “tags” that speak of the human spirit, strength, perseverance, dignity and hope. I have tagged those items also for your ease of navigation. So, sit back and enjoy as you review my attempts to weave many different types of papers using the aforementioned. If you dare…!

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  1. You have a well organized and outstanding blog here.

  2. Thanks for the helpful blog.

  3. Effectively stated and with excellent timing

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